Fuel Cards

Neil is an Authorised Shell Fuel Cards Agent.

Do you operate company cars or van? The Fuel and Energy Guy is able to help you with your fuel cards from just one vehicle.

You may already have a branded Shell fuel card, but are you being invoiced directly by Shell?

As an authorised agent all customers would be set up with a direct account with Shell and this has numerous benefits which includes:

Access to Shell's online hub

Ability to manage your own account

Order additional cards, or cancel cards through the online hub

MPG reporting

Do you have concerns fuel cards are being abused in your business, and not just being used to fill up your company vehicles? Are you have to monitor MPG performance between similar vehicles in your fleet?

If a card is lost or stolen, how quickly can you cancel the card? How much could be spent on the card over a weekend if stolen on a Friday, how soon would the card be blocked?