Helping your business to manage its operational costs to increase and maintain its profitability

Operational Cost Expert

We help businesses in the retail, hospitality, manufacturing and care home sectors manage their operational costs. 

Our clients range from one person offices, local hairdressers, mortgages brokers, takeaway, fish and chip shops, pubs, restaurants, MOT centres through to large industrial units and industrial estates. 

If you're a business with Operational Costs we're here to support you in managing those costs to maintain and increase your profitability. 

How we help our clients: 

Support with their electricity, gas and water contracts. 
Fuel cards for their cars and vans. 
Card payments, either with a card machine, via links or ecommerce. 

We also work with a number of trusted partners as an example some of the services our partners provide: 

Broadband & Telecoms
Commercial Law & HR 

Do you own your premises, a lease which is for 5 + years from the start of the lease or have carried a refit or refurbishment of your premises? Email info@thefuelandenergyguy.co.uk and we will content you with our embedded capital allowance claims partners 

Are you looking to exit and sell your business? Email info@thefuelandenergyguy.co.uk and we will put you in touch with our business transfer partners. 

If you have operational costs within your business, are finding rising costs a challenge within your business email info@thefuelandenergyguy.co.uk to arrange a chat.  

The Operational Cost Expert Ltd and Fuel and Energy Guy are your partners in supporting you in managing your operational costs to help you improve and maintain your profitability.   

About us

 I’m Neil, 

I started operating as The Fuel and Energy Guy helping businesses review their energy costs. This has developed into the Operational Cost Expert Ltd being created covering all areas I support businesses in manging their operational costs. 

I started my career in retail where I ended up running the East Anglian region of 30 stores turning over £18m. 

After my time in retail I moved into logistics, supply chain, operations management which included managing purchasing and supplier quality functions. 

Utilising my experience in purchasing and supply chain I want to help support  businesses with managing their operational costs. Helping them manage their costs so they can be as profitable and successful as possible.

My experience includes significant ongoing cost savings, negotiating fix price purchase agreements, building relationships with trust allowing to work from suppliers costs to develop cost plus pricing. 

Along with cost reduction and price negotiation developing relationships with suppliers to improve quality if that be physical quality or process improvements demonstrated by from initial point of recording quality issues at point of receipt over 40% of deliveries received having a quality issue either physical or process issue stopping the order being processed to within 18 months reducing to less than 5% of deliveries being identified with a quality issue, if that being missing purchase order number on paperwork, incorrect type of packaging or quality issue with a item on inspection.     

My goal is to create a successful business which generates me an income allowing me to enjoy watching Coventry City, going to the cinema, a couple of holidays a year and to build a pension for retirement.


Email me at info@thefuelandenergyguy.co.uk to arrange a chat over a cup of tea for a no obligation review of your operational costs.

Neil Chambers


My Wife is the owner of a private physiotherapy clinic based in Frodsham, and was concerned about the rates which she was paying for her Electricity.

I approached Neil Chambers to ask if it was something his company could help us with despite the fact that it was not a massive annual expenditure.

I have to say that from the beginning to the end of the process, was extremely efficient, professional and courteous resulting in a annual saving of 42% compared to the previous provider.

Hilton Physiotherapy will certainly have no hesitation in recommending Neil Chambers, and Full Power Utilities to any other businesses moving forwards.

Thanks Neil

Alison & Paul Hilton

I recently consulted with Neil on our utilities when opening our new retail shop. Not only was the process efficient and seem less. The have proactively contacted me to establish a much lower price renewal to coincide with wholesale prices reducing!

A superb service for a business owner! Neil and the team have literally put money back in my pocket!

Fully recommended!

Ross Jones
Home Financial

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