Foreign Exchange

Neil is pleased to be the National Partner for a UK foreign Exchange provider

Foreign exchange and payment services through our partner, are provided by The Currency Cloud Ltd, which is owned by Visa Inc. 

The Currency Cloud offers spot and forward trading up to 12 months ahead and market orders.

Funds are safeguarded by a FCA-regulated e-money partners at a credit institution. (The safeguarding account(s) are held with Barclays Bank PLC. Barclays does not monitor the funds that are placed on the safeguarding account(s) or how the account(s) are operated.)

The advantages of using our foreign exchange partner for your businesses foreign exchange exposure:

✔︎ Paying and receiving in foreign currency is simple through the online trading and payment platform.

✔︎ The aim to show the inter-bank, mid-market rate alongside the rate you are being offered, including the mark up. This ensures rates are competitive, taking away the need to compare or check the rates. 

✔︎ Every transaction is through the Currency Cloud - an e-money institution providing e-money, payment and unregulated foreign exchange services - which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.

✔︎ Registration for an account is free. There’s no minimum transaction or long-term contracts, you simply use the service as you require.

✔︎ You can hold up to 34 different currencies using one IBAN.

✔︎ You can make payments in 40 currencies to 212 countries. Track your payments and check the status to see when your beneficiary received them.

Ideal for:

✔︎ Paying overseas invoices

✔︎ Receiving payment for overseas invoices

✔︎ Securing forward contracts.

The advantages of using our foreign exchange partner for your personal foreign exchange exposure:

Ideal for:

✔︎ Overseas property purchases

✔︎ Transferring pension payments

✔︎ Transferring income to another currency.